Post-digital media and cultural studies flâneuse based in London

I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in media, communication and culture. I enjoy bringing research to life visually and am experienced in crafting and enhancing content for various audiences and platforms; turning complex information into engaging and accessible stories and explaining technical issues to non-technical people. 

In my journey so far, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people: academics and policymakers in the UK; grassroots-based feminists and community radio broadcasters in the global south; teenagers learning how to write for the web; deaf students needing training in Photoshop; musicians, DJs, and artists all eager to share their valuable insights. 

I like learning new things and exploring new places. I am happiest when working in that sweet spot where technology, art and storytelling come together.

Elsewhere Online

(I was surprised to find bits of work from the distant past.)



  • NEW! “Life’s Missing Pushbuttons” and “Rapid Auntie Jen” by indicodeswitch. The Coding Train Passenger Showcase Highlight.
  • “Two young women migrants” Digital Art for Imagining ourselves: a global generation of women. International Museum of Women. Indira Endaya
  • “After the Curfew”. and “Batang Bhaktapur” shot in Kathmandu and remixed/rasticulated by Indi Endaya for the Babae sa Tag-araw group exhibit at Penguin Cafe, Remedios circle, Malate, Manila. 25 April-25 May 25, 2006.