100 days of code

Update: I’ve added an Instagram link to the menu now. Yay!

Hello world!

This pandemic has seen me trying to regain a foothold on Web Dev, Modern Javascript, and Python1 then gravitating to the p5.js library and community. I have henceforth reactivated myself in other online spaces. (Let’s see if I can actually get anything done.)

  • Substack – dispatches on my so-called coding journey plus a bunch of distractions that get me going along the way
  • Twitter – #100DaysOfCode
  • Github – slowly but surely
  • CodePen – I opened this previously when I was doing Freecodecamp exercises. I was able to go through HTML and CSS ones but got stuck on the certification tasks. I suppose I can go back to it.

The Coding Train and Computational Mama have brought me the most joy.