Attention on Children

Logo design project for a series of Children’s Community Theatre Workshops in Poland


Uwaga dzieci. Note that the word na is added to make the sentence work (originally it’s “Attention children” but should be “Attention on children.”

“Watch Out for Children” (the words would have to be in Polish “Uwaga na Dzieci”.

Special Requests:

  • to base it on a well-known street sign (the equivalent of “Watch out for Children”)
  • to have a strong, simple design
  • to attract the attention of children so that they will come and take part in the workshops
  • to feature children
  • have a symbol of theatre within it (e.g. Greek theatre comedy and tragedy masks)


Many elements were developed from the initial image of the street sign

  • The triangle  has evolved into a spotlight beaming down on the stage in a dark theatre. It still retains the yellow and dark hazard stripes colour scheme of signs.
  • There are two kids representing the concept of a community. I’ve kept two since adding many human figures would make it too busy to fit in a single logo (which would have to be reduced to fit various small materials such as stationery and business cards etc.)
  • The joyful spirit is there and I’ve done away with actual masks but there is a hint of them with the happy face on the left and the upside down smile on the right.