Lockdown Learning: Kinetic Type 1

I’ve started this Domestika online course on Kinetic Type and here is my first output, warts and all. The lesson’s in Spanish but the bigger challenge for me is trying to get used to the finer details of AfterEffects and all these fiddly layer configurations to make masks into paths for the text to move on. Now am trying to think of a smarter use for making type move in a  circle.

Fun things that come to mind: Dante’s Nine Circles of  Hell,  Lord of the Rings rings, Camera Lens, Solar systems, Orbitals, Kaleidoscopes,

Anyway this one has two song excerpts in it. Bachelorette by Bjork and Windmills of Your Mind by Michel Legrand1

The centre of the circle features a Vegvísir2 a Norse sigil supposedly meant to protect its owner from rough weather. (Am aware of the resemblance to Greendale Community’s motto or Kurt Vonnegut’s asterisk*.)

1When I was around 6 my mom got me a book written by her favourite French composer called Michel’s Mixed-up Musical Bird which I only discovered was made into a film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JzbmH9t4Gc which I shall force my kid to watch with me.)

2Incidentally, this is something I also remember from the Nineties as the design of Bjork’s tattoo.

Kinetic Type 2: Stretch it!

These are the ways am trying not to be sedentary during this planetary house arrest: 200 piddly kilocals on Aldo’s water rower. 30 minutes of Box VR with music I hate on the Oculus Quest and joining Juju for his Online Learning PE Class, trying to keep up with Joe Wicks who’s managing to do squats and burpees in a froggie outfit.  And the sanctioned walk to the grocer’s on the high street.

I never thought I would actually miss going to the gym.

Font: Coolvetica
MOOC: Domestika
Software: AfterEffects
BGHex: 93B4CB