Lockdown Learning: Into the uncertain future

Part of a series of exercises in using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D to animate Typographic Designs.

Locked down and continuing to educate myself in creating Kinetic Typography (with a Spanish teacher, no less.) The FLOATing graphic you see above is actually the result of hours of getting used to one of the fiddliest dashboards I’ve worked with so far.

Exercise 5: The infinite wave in Cinema 4D Lite.

Achievement unlocked:

  • Use the wind transformer in Cinema 4D to give an extruded typeface a movement similar to waves on the sea

Exercise 6: Typographic Twist

Achievement unlocked: To twist your in Cinema 4D using a deformator

NOTE: ‘Pilipit’ means twisted in Filipino

I would like to do all this one day without proprietary software