Artist Statement

My philosophy of art-making is influenced by the concept of mindfulness. I start with the bare minimum – a distilled idea and a preliminary composition. Working instinctively, the painting develops with a minimum of pre-planning. I am concerned with the process of creation being genuine and uncontrived. I do not want to be consciously aware of my decision- making process.

I work with acrylic for immediacy because it enables me to make numerous changes rapidly. I often use particulate matter such as pumice, sand, and lumina. Materiality plays a central role in my work in the way it limits and facilitates ideas.

I believe that an artwork has an array of possible directions so I take a leap of faith and keep an open mind. I aim to create paintings in a loose yet precise manner, without overthinking. There is a balancing act between opposing forces – the conscious versus the unconscious, control versus abandon. At best, the process of creation is inherently worthwhile. I hope that what I felt during the creation process will translate into something that resonates with the viewer. In this way we will have a shared experience through the medium of the artwork.

Pep Manalang